Stand at Dawn, Saturday 25 April, 2020 

A message from

HE Ahmet Ergin, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey 

My “ANZAC journey” began when I first visited Çanakkale/Gallipoli three decades ago as a student. The deeper I moved around the area the more a shiver ran through me. That beautiful peninsula was, 105 years ago, a bloody stage for a war like no other the world had ever before seen. Mixed emotions evoked in me a sense of pride in my nation and our grandfathers who bravely defended Turkey, but also a pride for that unique friendship carved out and uniting our nations for over a century.

Anywhere on the peninsula, and on every ANZAC monument in New Zealand and Australia our common sadness and sorrow for the fallen resounds, but as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk rightly said about the fallen ANZACs “they have become our sons as well”. Monuments erected as tear drops for the fallen, but meant as poppies of friendship, unite rivals of the past in strong bonds of friendship today.

Continuing on my journey, this time as an Ambassador, my trail led me to South Sudan. At dawn commemorations there, we Turks, New Zealanders and Australians, were all thousands of kilometers from our homes and were blessed by the tropical African rains.

On reaching my last stop, Tarakena Bay on the south coast of Wellington, I walked the pebbled path to the Atatürk monument and again a familiar shiver ran through me. A genuine feeling of being received into the “bosom” of New Zealand enveloped me. An impression only a Turkish descendant could feel on reaching this final destination.

Annually, New Zealand, Australia, and the Republic of Turkey honour and mark our respect for all at this time of reflection. Now when the conventional commemorations cannot be held in the traditional manner, it is a comfort to all of us that we are still honouring the ANZACs and Turks in unconventional and imaginative ways, in our homes, with Stand at Dawn.

Muffin Liner Poppy

Egg Carton Poppy Garden Take poppy making just that one step further and make a garden of poppies that you can display on your windowsill, your fence line or just a nice centrepiece for the dining table.
What you need:
  • ​Scissors 
  • ​Red Paint 
  • ​Paintbrushes
  • ​Buttons (or black permanent marker to make the centre of the poppies)
  • ​Glue (or double sided tape)
  • ​Toothpicks - Green Paint 
  • 1.) Start with one muffin liner (regular size) and one muffin liner (smaller). To make a liner smaller, trim around the top of the liner about 2-3cm down.
  • 2.  Paint all the liners red and dip the toothpicks in green paint. Leave to dry
  • 3.) Place a small amount of glue or double sided tape on the outside bottom of the smaller muffin liner. Set the smaller muffin liner inside the larger one and leave to dry. 
  • 4.) Glue a button to the centre of the poppy (or mark out the centre with a permanent marker) 
  • 5.) Attach your poppy to the green stem (toothpick) and place in the rim of a hat. PRO TIP: Tape or glue the stem of your poppy to a safety pin so you can fasten it to your shirt.
  • 6. Snap a photo of your poppy garden and upload it to Instagram or Facebook. Make sure to tag @RSA_National and use the hashtag #Standatdawn
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